Analyze serial port activity

Serial Port Utility can connect to a COM port to start sniffing it right away. All data going through the monitored port will show up in various views in our debugging tool. Everything is captured in real-time, so you can track down problems immediately.

Moreover, you can redirect all monitoring data to the specified file or you can copy all recorded data to clipboard. Serial Port Utility gives you the ability to intercept and record all serial input/output control codes, tracking their full details and parameters. You can save any monitoring session and load it next time whenever you need it.

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Monitor several ports within one session

This software has a unique functionality of monitoring several COM-ports simultaneously. Now you can collect data on how apps interact with two or more ports and a few devices concurrently within one session. Data received and sent during monitoring will be presented (recorded) in a single log on a first-in first-out basis; this makes it more convenient for analysis.

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Full support for Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII protocols

COM Port Monitor will help read and analyze Modbus data with its new efficient filters. With the help of our serial monitoring software you can easily establish connection with RS485/RS422/RS232 devices and analyze their data as well.

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